To educate today's and tomorrow's teachers as individuals who have grasped the success conditions of both today's and future world, who are active members of social life, innovative, self-confident, aware of national and spiritual values; to seek and implement the methods necessary for this, to make lifelong learning continuous in society with the most qualified learning materials and methods, and to constantly renew oneself.


To educate teachers of today and tomorrow who have grasped teaching behaviors, can choose the appropriate teaching approach, can motivate students to learn, are aware of learning theories, and focus on the student in educational activities; who provide counseling on professional practices and individual endeavors, who help students in preparing for the profession, who can make comments on future processes and can benefit from the basic information at hand for strong tomorrows; who are readers, thinkers, questioners, can express themselves, turn sports, arts, and science into a lifestyle, open to developments, respectful of differences, innovative, committed to ethical values; who participate in decision-making processes, effectively evaluate resources, are environmentally conscious, have high self-confidence, and train happy, healthy, strong teachers of today and tomorrow.

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